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SINCE 1946


Lou and Gary Davis started G & L Davis Meat Company in 1946 at a small plant on the Northside of Syracuse. What began from purchasing animals at regional auctions to ship back for processing would soon expand into a full-fledged manufacturing operation and begin producing our Gianelli Italian-style sausage using recipes from the Tuscany Region of Italy.

Today, over 75 years later, those original recipes and processes continue to define our reputation for consistently high quality and delicious products.

Our mission and ongoing promise is to deliver only the best - a principle we've been devoted to since 1946.

It's the standard for every product we make and for every person we make it for.

Our process combines this commitment to quality with the traditions of old-world sausage making and some of the best people, practices and technologies in the food production industry.

The result is a superior line of products made in our state-of-the-art facilities and distributed to grocers and partners that help us reach your home. 

We truly appreciate the long-standing, loyal support we’ve received from our faithful partners and patrons.


Thank you for inviting us to your table.

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Lou Davis

Lou Davis, Stephen Davis, Gary Davis



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Makers of Gianelli Sausage and other private label foods.


Our signature brand of fresh, wholesome, delicious Italian and flavored sausages.

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Specialists in pre-cooked and marinated meats for retail and food service.

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