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  • Does Gianelli Italian sausage contain fennel seeds, or are fennel seeds used in any Gianelli brand sausages?
    Yes, Gianelli Italian Sausage recipes use either cracked or whole fennel seeds.
  • Is Gianelli sausage gluten free?
    Yes, all of our fresh sausage products are gluten free and soy free.
  • Do you use tree nuts in your products or have it anywhere in your building?
    There are no tree nuts used or stored in our manufacturing facility.
  • Is Gianelli Italian Sausage free of peanuts, or is there any risk of cross contamination with peanuts processed in the facility?
    There are no peanuts used or stored in our manufacturing facility.
  • Do you use any egg or dairy products in your sausage, or is there a way any products could come in contact with egg or dairy at your plant?
    There is no egg or dairy in our Italian Sausage. However, we do have dairy and eggs in our facility. Allergens are stored in isolated areas and are produced last after all other sausage has been made and the machinery is cleaned and sanitized.
  • Is Gianelli sausage nitrite/nitrate free?
    All Gianelli Sausage is nitrite and nitrate free. As makers of fresh sausage, we are not allowed to use these items or have them in the building.
  • Do any of your products contain garlic or garlic powder?
    Our Hot sausage spice, Cheese & Garlic flavored sausage and cooked Gianelli Meatballs contain either garlic or garlic powder. All other Gianelli products are garlic-free.
  • Do you use sesame or mustard/seed in any of your pork, chicken or turkey sausage products?
    We do not use any sesame or mustard/seed in our Gianelli brand sausage.
  • Do you use turmeric in Gianelli Italian sausage spices
    We do not use turmeric in any of our Gianelli Italian sausage spice blends.


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